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Cardigan Welsh Corgis

Cardigan Welsh Corgis are fun, affectionate and sturdy.  They are famous for their sense of humor and big-dog view of life, but they're only a foot tall and weigh just 25 - 40 pounds as adults.  This herding dog was bred to nip at the ankles of cattle and sheep, but also to be smart, lithe and quick enough to jump out of range of hooves and horns. 

Iron Hill Farm breeds show and pet quality animals from show quality lines.  We currently have two brood bitches who have excellent conformation and temperament, Highland's Iron Hill Short Story (Bailey) and Foxxtrot Veronica Did It (Veronica).  We breed only to high-quality dogs.  Our puppies are certified not to be carriers of the hereditary eye problem PRA..

Even Newer Puppy Pics!  Bailey's June 27th litter is bounding around the backyard, chasing birds, barking at bugs, and ready to go to homes.  Here are a mix of fun and show pictures -- e-mail or call us if you'd like more!
































Bailey (Mom)

Ch. Rulin's Esso Bee (Esso)  (Dad)

This litter is ready to go to pet and show homes now.  We have one pet quality male from last fall's litter for sale, also.  If we don't have what you're looking for, we can often put you in touch with another quality Cardi breeder who may be able to help you.  Call or e-mail for information!

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Updated 8/28/2005


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